California Groomin'
Look No Further For a great groom!

The staff here is amazing and they really do treat your animals as their own!

Our goal at California Groomin' is to make sure your dog looks, smells and feels good all over. We adhere to a strict "Humanity before Vanity" mantra and strive to make the grooming process as comfortable and easy for your dog as possible by tailoring the groom to your dog's tolerance levels. We pride ourselves on being patient and understanding of your dog's individual needs and will take whatever time is necessary to keep your dog happy during her groom.


California Groomin'

22744 Portola Dr.

Salinas, CA. 93908

(831) 455-5774


Our Mission

My Dog loves this company!

Max always comes home happier than when he left! He loves getting groomed!

Stress Free Grooming Experience!

My dog has anxiety issues and has always had trouble going to the groomers but not anymore! Before finding California Groomin' Buster would start shaking as soon as we hit the parking lot but now he walks right into the shop! I think he likes the social interaction, he is able to play all day, both before and after his groom!