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From basic trims to full, breed standard grooms we can accommodate any style your dog prefers!  Let us help your dog bring out her inner rock star! 

Your Dog is Family

Domino looking good after her cut!

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Our Gertie Girl!

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Conveniently Located in the Toro Park Shopping Center!

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We offer all kinds of extras here at California Groomin' including medicated baths and rinses for our sensitive skinned pups like Gertie!


Sugar is ready for her close up!

Snapchat the mini horse and her "sister" Nadia

Here at California Groomin' we love dogs and we consider your dog a part of our family. We do everything we can to make the grooming process a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Our goal is to send home well groomed, good smelling and, most importantly, happy dogs!

Don't need a haircut but ready to get rid of that funky smell your dog finds so appealing? We offer full baths and brush outs to keep your dog's (or miniature horse's) coat clean, healthy and smelling great!

Bo and Buck Greeting

Customers at the Front Gate!

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